Mansi Chaturvedi
The Chief Home Creator

Hello friends!

I welcome all of you in this little space I have created called Penned Connection for you and me!

To tell you more about myself I am into a career which is not just ,financing, budgeting, administrative, diet and nutrition, lifestyle, health, travel and supply and demand, it’s one because of which these various departments work. Well !  it’s a new normal for all of you to work from home , but for me it’s been years I have worked from home. I am CHC , you must have not come across this A Chief Home Creator whom we ordinarily call a housewife. I create a place for all to come back and relax, where all their demands are met with punctuality, comfort and ease!

Through my blog I would like to share the aspects of life, the relationships, the emotions, experiences, and most important a perspective many of you must be having!

Writing has always been a valuable passtime for me since childhood. It gives me space to express myself, to share. I do write a lot on Facebook and even am part of Storymirror, a platform I found to share my creations with the world. Now I am here as I would like to connect with you through words.

For I believe

Your worth is true to those who connect with you

As your uniqueness lies in moving ahead .

Let me brew a little strong, bitter and sweet thought, let me cook in a spread of the at times true and realistic and at times a fantasy world for you, let me lay down a comfort zone for all those who need to share with me and let me try and achieve yet another space not of walls but of words which can beautifully connect you and me.

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