It is not always blood that connects to the heart; sometimes words flow more directly.

Life misunderstood

Lonely, tired, unwell is all that echos today. Wherever and whenever I meet or read these are the words that have become very common. A pandemic which has shaken everyone, destroyed families, taken away lives, lives still as strong as before. I thought it had , had its share and must be satisfied but it … Continue reading Life misunderstood

Dream Catcher

DaringRealisticEasyAmazingMesmerisingSweetLast night I woke up from a bad dream. I was so scared that I could not understand for a few minutes where I was. By the time I could understand I had forgotten my dream and half my day was spent thinking about what had scared me. As a child I was told that … Continue reading Dream Catcher

My vision

I needed to get new glasses as I accidentally broke mine. Bad eyesight you see, undernourished or age related? Anyways , going to ophthalmologist means total confusion. I tell you why, going alone means I can never decide which frame looks good on me and going with someone means I do not agree with them. … Continue reading My vision

I Stand out

You are not alone cos somewhere someone in the world is just like you. You feel you are different than the rest, but that’s what makes you stand out. What if you are too short, too thin, too tall or obese, what if you are timid and shy, what if you are too loud and … Continue reading I Stand out

Excess Baggage

It really disappoints me when I need to pay for anything extra that I need to carry. We all go on vacations and no vacation is complete without shopping. I love to go to local markets, find out the traditional things of that place and love to bring in small trinkets for my friends and … Continue reading Excess Baggage

The Talk

Holding her in her arms I have often seen her talking to her. It’s just a new born baby but the mother has her little conversations with her. The baby reciprocated in smiles, at times just looks at her. Whoever holds the baby always has so much to say. As the baby grows we all … Continue reading The Talk

Mind what matters

I love writing to myself, yes I do! When no one understands or listens I pen down what goes through. At times I distract myself when I see there is no solution. I have been into alot of workshops past one year in the lockdown and believe me it’s amazing to see and hear the … Continue reading Mind what matters


It’s pretty hot out here and at times I feel I should just stay in bed and not do anything. But that never happens for a homemaker or chief home creator as I call myself. I am rushing for something or the other and there is so much to do. I am pretty sure many … Continue reading Now

The Florist

I went to the florist as I needed a special bouquet for a friend. I personally love to visit these shops as I am very very fond of flowers. The different varieties, the different shades and I love to watch how the florist arranges them so that they look beautiful together. There are some tall … Continue reading The Florist


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